French Publications now restored to WOL

The following publications no longer appear on WOL in French:

  • Draw Close to Jehovah 
  • Bearing Witness to Jehovah 
  • Bible Teach
  • Come be My Follower

These publications used to be on WOL in French, but have been removed. As a result you will no longer be able to cache these publications in French.

Because Equipd caches directly from WOL there is no alternate way to provide this book in Equipd sorry. Not unless the book is put it back at some point in the future.



UPDATE 28 March: These books have been restored

These publications now appear to be restored to WOL and should be able to be cached by users in Equipd once more.

On a side note - the All Scripture Inspired book appears to have been removed, the same as it has been in English. Users will no longer be able to cache this French publication in Equipd.

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