Version 3.5.0 Released

July 1: This update will likely not appear for another 7-10 days as we wait for Apple to review and approve the update. 

Version 3.5.0 will be a snapshot release fixing some issues reported by users after the 3.4.9 update a week ago.

Given the scale of the changes on WOL, and the number of resulting changes I had to make in Equipd, it was inevitable that there were still some issues. Based on user feedback I tried to address as many as I could.

3.5.0 fixes issues with regard to:

  • Copying scriptures in Korean had HTML in the copied verse
  • Scripture lookups in Korean had lots of issues - these should be dramatically improved
  • Fixed an issue with John 8 in newly cached NWT files in some languages
  • Fixed the Tamil NWT Bible
  • Fixed Armenian publications not loading
  • Improved the transition to the new Bible app


Should users expect updates after this?

Users should not expect more updates. Versions 3.4.9 and 3.5.0 were simply to restore the status quo before the breaking changes on WOL. It was not about adding new features, or about new users getting to download Equipd. It is just supporting the existing users who already had Equipd before I decided to remove it from the App Store.

Users should remind themselves of the initial announcement about the app being removed as the status has not changed. And please ensure you take a backup of this latest version of Equipd, just in case you need to restore the app on your devices in the future. If you have questions about how to backup the app for future use or how to install the app on new devices, this is covered here.

All the best with Equipd...



Availability of the App Update

Similar to the version 3.4.9 update, I will be forced to make the app temporarily available on the App Store in order for Apple's systems to detect and push out the update to existing users. As before, the price of the app has been increased and a strong warning posted at the top of the App Store page to discourage new users from downloading this app, which should be viewed as "end of life". I will remove the app from the App Store again after most users have downloaded the update, which I can discern via the stats. If you miss out because you took to long to upgrade, then I apologise, but I will have tried my best to be helpful, and there is nothing more I can do at this time. These updates should be viewed as a bonus rather than an expectation, given the announcements made in December last year.

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