Version 3.0.1 Released

This will be a quick-fire release based on the inevitable discovery of issues with Equipd 3.0:

  • Fixed an issue with the Briefcase not handling certain types of query links
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the month when listing Awakes
  • Fixed an issue with restoring an older format email backup of the Briefcase
  • Fixed an issue where users who had the Daily Text viewed in an older language before upgrade (eg "chs-2lines" which is now replaced by "chs-pi") cannot switch the Daily Text language
  • Russian Daily Text enabled. Was initially skipped because the ESD booklet itself is not on WOL (under a section "Booklets") which it is in the other languages where Daily Text is available.
  • Initial support for Bible Word Index searching in Korean, Chinese Simplified/Traditional, and Japanese
  • Blocked the ability to easily view the Bible Index html page from inside the Bible publications. Now that users have access to the Bible publication including the Appendices etc they are trying to use Word Index in this format, and it is so large (i.e. sometimes over 100 physical pages depending on the Bible edition) it causes Equipd to crash when they get fancy. They can use the Word Index Search feature instead which analyses the same content in a much faster manner.
  • Insight Volumes added for Korean.
  • Other language refreshes from WOL such as the newly added Spanish Research Guide (added yesterday)
  • Fixed the loading of Myanmar content which requires a special font.
  • Fixed Haitian Creole Scripture Lookups.
  • Added magazines support for Greek, Italian, Tagalog, Vietnamese

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