Will you add Split View Support?

Many users ask me if I will be adding Split View support to Equipd, so that it can be used side-by-side with other apps on the iPad.

The short answer is "no". Sorry.

The reason is that this will require quite a bit of work due to the older frameworks that the Equipd app uses. As has been communicated many times, ongoing development of the app ceased in December 2014. Since then I have simply maintained the app so that it continues working for existing users who still rely on it. Because of this the likelihood of me adding split view support or making any other significant changes are very low. 

Please see the related article with more detail around this topic here.

Note: The newer Equipd Bible app already supports Split View and Slide Over modes, along with many other new Bible-based features such as Bible Reading Schedules, the ability to add formatted Notes against verses, group Bookmarked scriptures into Topics and more.

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