LATEST: The future of Equipd

Note that this article relates to the original Equipd app. It does not refer to the newer Equipd Bible app.

Many users are asking about the ongoing support of Equipd and if it will be updated to support features recently introduced in newer versions of iOS and devices like the iPad Pro 12.9" and the iPhone X. The answer leads to bigger questions about the future of Equipd, which I will endeavour to clarify below.

The reality is that in December 2014 I announced that Equipd would no longer be available on the App Store for new users. I promised to do my best to continue to support the app for existing users who already depended on the app - especially those in the foreign field who depended on the 2-line features with Chinese Pinyin support etc - features that are still not available in any other app. However I also warned users in 2014 that, while I would do my best, Equipd could stop working at any time.

Here we are nearly 4 years later and I have managed to keep Equipd working for existing users. This has taken a lot of work - but I know it is appreciated.

As time moves forward Apple is introducing new requirements for apps in order to work with features like Split View and the iPhone X "notch" etc. New versions of iOS are being introduced each year, and support for older versions of Xcode and the tools used to build Equipd are getting closer and closer to being "outdated". As a result there are 2 conclusions we can reach at this point:

  1. Support for advanced UI features like Split View and the iPhone X or iPad Pro 12.9" that require newer build tools and frameworks to work will not be supported in Equipd.
  2. At some point Apple may stop accepting apps built with Xcode 7.3.1 - at that point Equipd will likely stop being updated at all. That means that if there are any breaking changes on WOL - then they will also break Equipd - and I will not be able to fix it.

So ... be warned. Equipd has done well to survive until now for existing users. But all good things come to an end. I hope you will agree that I have done my best to keep things going for existing users of the app, as promised.

A couple of side points in anticipation of feedback around this:

  • I know it is disappointing. And I know you may rely on the app. So do I. Any feelings you have about the app will be nothing compared to mine, I assure you. I put my heart and soul into Equipd, and my wife and I also relied on the app for our time in the foreign field. But this does not change the reality of the situation.
  • As users of Equipd are likely aware, in order for me to keep things working for the last 3 years I have often had to push out updates to the app. And when I do that, I have to make the app temporarily available on the App Store while users update. During that phase, occasionally new users have downloaded the app. They did this despite a huge warning at the top of the App Store download page stating that Equipd was no longer being supported and could stop working at any point. If you are one of these users who downloaded the app since December 2014, please remember that you were warned.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

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