How do I save articles from WOL to my Briefcase?

Keep in mind that the Briefcase is for saving complete articles from the Watchtower Online Library - i.e. not small sections of text from the article. 

Here are the instructions on how to save articles to the Briefcase:

  1. Open the Library > "Websites" window in Equipd
  2. Make sure you have the "WOL" tab selected at the top
  3. Find the article you want to save, in the language you require
  4. Press the "+" button in the top navigation bar
  5. Choose which Topic, or category, you want to save the article into
  6. Press the "Save" button and you're done!
This article will now be located in the Briefcase, under the Topic that you selected, and will work offline.
From Equipd 3.0:
From Equipd 3.0 onwards you can also save chapters/articles from publications you are reading inside Equipd straight into your Briefcase - without having to open the WOL website browser first. When you are reading an article you like:
  1. Click the action button on the toolbar top/right "..."
  2. Click "Add to Briefcase".
If you want to save a whole magazine or all the chapters from a book, then you can, but you will need to save each chapter or article into the Briefcase one-by-one. Don't just save the "Contents" page from a book and assume that all the chapters have also been saved into the Briefcase, because they have not. So for the Bible Teach book for example you should create a new Topic called "Bible Teach" and then in WOL open Chapter 1 and save it to the Briefcase, open Chapter 2 and save it, open chapter 3 ... and so on.

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