What is the purpose of the Briefcase?

Ever wanted to save an article you were reading on the Watchtower Online Library (WOL) and have it saved so it was always available … offline? ANY article on WOL?

That is what the Briefcase is for. Organise the saved articles by topic, order them in lists, and group them under headings.

You can even share your collections of articles with family, friends or Bible students. Sharing a list of articles sends them an email with links to each article on WOL from your list - i.e. it points them directly to wol.jw.org. They can also import all the links into their own Equipd Briefcase, and download the articles from WOL themselves.

The Briefcase is not really designed for downloading entire publications off WOL, which is what many have been doing. And at the moment I can understand why - the Library does not contain all publications or the magazines from WOL. In time the Library will however contain all these publications - that is what the Library is for. The Briefcase is more about storing your Favourite articles grouped by topic.

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