Is there an Equipd URL Scheme?

There sure is!

Using URL Schemes it is possible to link external applications to Equipd.

Some basic examples of how you can use this:

  • Take notes in the Apple "Notes" app and link scriptures directly to Equipd
  • Type links into emails that can open scriptures or publications in Equipd
  • Integrate Equipd with 3rd party apps like ReadingPlan for Daily Bible Reading Schedules
  • Have a Bible Reading coming up? Insert the link to your reading in a Calendar Event!
For the more adventurous you can:
  • Alter EPUB files so that they open scriptures in Equipd
  • Embed links in webpages (such as this page) that open a scripture directly in Equipd
  • Developers of other apps can open scriptures from their app in Equipd
  • Integrate Equipd with Launch Center Pro for your iPhone, and quickly open Today's Daily Text with one click.

There are a number of different URL Schemes that can be used, depending on what you are trying to do:


Open Scriptures in Equipd - Format 1

Format 1 is a very tightly structured url format. In most cases you should use the alternate format outlined in the next section.


This link is broken down into the following parts: 

  1. equipd:// - The url shortcut that will open Equipd
  2. bible - the module to open in Equipd
  3. book - the abbreviated name of the book, or the book number - e.g. "2ti" or "2 Ti", or 55 are all valid. (see last heading on this page for full list of book abbreviations)
  4. chapter - a single integer - e.g. 3 or 4 or 23 are all valid
  5. verses - a comma-delimited list of verses to open - e.g. "3,4" or "15,16,17" or just "21" are all valid

Here are some examples of scripture links that would open from an email or webpage on a device running Equipd:

Scripture  Link format Links work on iOS devices with Equipd installed
Open 2 Timothy 3:15,16,17   equipd://bible/2ti/3/15,16,17   Try it now
Open Revelation 21:3,4 equipd://bible/re/21/3,4 Try it now


Open Scriptures in Equipd - Format 2

This format is the most flexible, and perhaps powerful, as it allows for the book name to be written multiple different ways, in full or abbreviated. It also allows for spanned verses instead of the verses having to be specified one at a time. For example "2 Timothy 3:14-16" will look up verses 14,15,16 (this did not work in the old format).


This link is broken down into the following parts: 

  1. equipd:// - The url shortcut that will open Equipd
  2. bible - the module to open in Equipd
  3. scripture - the scripture written out in multiple ways. 

Check out the examples below which show different formats that are supported for the scripture links - note that there are no spaces in the link anywhere.

The examples shown can be tested from any device running Equipd:
Scripture Examples Link format Links work on iOS devices with Equipd installed
Open 2 Timothy 3:15,16,17   equipd://bible/2Timothy3:15,16   Try it now
Open 2 Tim 3:15-17 equipd://bible/2Tim3:15-17 Try it now
Open 2 Ti 3:1,3,5-7 equipd://bible/2Ti3:1,3,5-7 Try it now
Open Revelation 21:3,4 equipd://bible/Revelation21:3,4 Try it now  
Open 2 Timothy 3 (Whole Chapter) equipd://bible/2Tim3:1-17 Try it now

Another format introduced in Equipd version 2.4.4 allows you to specify the Bible book name (in full), and the chapter, and Equipd will automatically work out the number of verses in the chapter and auto-select all verses. This is handy especially for setting up integration with external 3rd party apps for managing Bible Reading Schedules, such as ReadingPlan.

Whole Chapter Examples Link format Links work on iOS devices with Equipd installed
Open 2 Timothy 3 equipd://bible/2Timothy+3 Try it now  (Requires Equipd 2.4.4)
Open Revelation 21 equipd://bible/Revelation+21 Try it now  (Requires Equipd 2.4.4)


Automatically Generate the Scripture URL

In version 2.4.0 a new feature was added that allows you to generate the URL scheme for a scripture by simply pressing a button. Just look up the scripture, and then hit the action button top/right in the Bible Tab, and press "Generate Scripture URL". This will format the URL for the current scripture you are reading, and insert the link into your clipboard ready to be pasted anywhere you want.



Opening Library Modules

You can directly access websites and publications in the Equipd Library using the URL schemes outlined below.
Websites Link format Links work on iOS devices with Equipd installed
Open Watchtower Online Library  equipd://library/wol Try it now
Open equipd://library/jworg Try it now
Books Link format Links work on iOS devices with Equipd installed
Open Daily Text module equipd://library/esd Try it now
Open Daily Text module - "Today" equipd://library/esd/today Try it now
Open All Scripture Inspired equipd://library/allscripture Try it now
Open Bible Stories Book equipd://library/biblestories Try it now
Open Bible Teach Book equipd://library/bibleteach Try it now
Open Concordance equipd://library/concordance Try it now
Open Come Be My Follower Book equipd://library/follower Try it now
Open Draw Close to Jehovah Book equipd://library/drawclose Try it now
Open God's Love Book equipd://library/godslove Try it now
Open Great Teacher Book equipd://library/teacher Try it now
Open Insight Volumes equipd://library/insight Try it now
Open Jeremiah Book equipd://library/jeremiah Try it now
Open Ministry School Book equipd://library/ministry Try it now
Open Reasoning Book equipd://library/reasoning Try it now
Open Sing to Jehovah equipd://library/sing Try it now
Open Worship God equipd://library/worshipgod Try it now
Open Yearbook 2013 equipd://library/yearbook2013 Try it now
Open Young People Ask Volume 1 equipd://library/ypa1 Try it now
Open Young People Ask Volume 2 equipd://library/ypa2 Try it now
Brochures Link format Links work on iOS devices with Equipd installed
Open Bible's Message Brochure equipd://library/biblesmessage Try it now
Open Good Land Brochure equipd://library/goodland Try it now
Open Good News Brochure equipd://library/goodnews Try it now
Open Jehovah's Will Brochure equipd://library/jehovahswill Try it now
Open Lasting Peace Brochure equipd://library/lastingpeace Try it now
Open Listen and Live Brochure equipd://library/listenandlive Try it now
Open Pathway Brochure equipd://library/pathway Try it now
Open Someone Loves Dies equipd://library/someonedies Try it now
Open Was Life Created? Brochure equipd://library/lifecreated Try it now

Improved URL Scheme in Equipd 3.0+

In Equipd 3.0 a more powerful URL Scheme was introduced for the Library Publications.
The new format is: 
You can see the 3 main arguments used:
  • LANG = the language code. You can see the language code in Equipd in most language selector screens in blue. 
  • PUBTYPE = the category of the publication you want to open. The supported pubtypes are:
    • guide
    • insight
    • watchtower
    • awake
    • books
    • yearbooks
    • brochures
    • tracts
  • PUBABBR = the abbreviation of the publication. You can see the abbreviation in Equipd in blue next to the title of each listed publication.
Here are some examples using this format:
Description Link format Open in Equipd
Imitate Faith - English equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=books&pubabbr=ia Try it now
Bible Teach - Chinese Pinyin equipd://library/?lang=chs-pi&pubtype=books&pubabbr=bh Try it now
Watchtower Public Jan 1 2014 equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=watchtower&pubabbr=w14%201%2F1 Try it now
Watchtower Study Jan 15 2014 equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=watchtower&pubabbr=w14%201%2F15 Try it now
Awake March 2014 equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=awake&pubabbr=g14%203%2F14 Try it now
Awake June 8 2002 equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=awake&pubabbr=g02%206%2F8 Try it now
Insight Volume A equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=insight&pubabbr=A Try it now
Research Guide - English equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=guide&pubabbr=rsg Try it now

What about if you want to open a specific chapter in a publication? 

This is now supported as well using the URL of the chapter/article as found on WOL. In fact you can go find a chapter/article on WOL, and copy the address of the page and change the "http://" for "equipd://" and Equipd will do its best to work out the link and open the page for you.

Here are two examples of the link formats that support opening a specific page in a publication:

Description Link format Open in Equipd
Insight - Volume A - Abel equipd://library/?lang=e&pubtype=insight&pubabbr=A&url=1200000018 Try it now
God's Love Chapter 3 - based on WOL address. equipd://en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1102008062 Try it now

Bible Book Abbreviations

Here is a complete list of the Bible Book abbreviations as used by Equipd. You can use the book number or the book abbreviation in the scripture links passed to Equipd when using the "Format 1" url scheme outlined above.

  1. ge
  2. ex
  3. le
  4. nu
  5. de
  6. jos
  7. jg
  8. ru
  9. 1sa
  10. 2sa
  11. 1ki
  12. 2ki
  13. 1ch
  14. 2ch
  15. ezr
  16. ne
  17. es
  18. job
  19. ps
  20. pr
  21. ec
  22. ca
  23. isa
  24. jer
  25. la
  26. eze
  27. da
  28. ho
  29. joe
  30. am
  31. ob
  32. jon
  33. mic
  34. na
  35. hab
  36. zep
  37. hag
  38. zec
  39. mal
  40. mt
  41. mr
  42. lu
  43. joh
  44. ac
  45. ro
  46. 1co
  47. 2co
  48. ga
  49. eph
  50. php
  51. col
  52. 1th
  53. 2th
  54. 1ti
  55. 2ti
  56. tit
  57. phm
  58. heb
  59. jas
  60. 1pe
  61. 2pe
  62. 1jo
  63. 2jo
  64. 3jo
  65. jude
  66. re

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