Why is the Extract Highlighting slightly out of sync with the content?

The extract highlighting shows when you go to the Today screen and tap the link for this weeks Bible Study information for example.

Some users are reporting that the highlighting is slightly out of sync - i.e. if the extract is supposed to highlight paragraphs 1-9, it highlights 2-10 instead. Or something similar.

The reason it is doing this is actually not a bug in Equipd. It is because the link that selects the paragraphs, is for newer content than you have cached on your device.

To explain further...

A few months ago there were major changes on WOL. The HTML structure for all pages and articles was modified heavily.

You likely have cached a copy of the HTML from “before” this change on WOL. But the link on the Daily Text screen is likely newer - it is expecting to work with the newer HTML for that article, but you still have the old.

You can clear the cache for your publication and get the newer version by following these instructions: 

As mentioned in that link, this will mean you lose any annotations.

Hope that helps for any who come across this issue.

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