Does Equipd work on Android?

This is by far the most frequent question I get. Typically users ask if Equipd will work on their Samsung, Kindle, or Google device - which of course all use Android as the operating system.

If you have not yet purchased a device and are trying to decide, my recommendation is that if you really want / need to use Equipd, then stop thinking and get an iPad or iPad mini - you won't regret it. And then you won't be frustrated by the fact that there is no Equipd for Android :-)

Update 30 July 2014:

The future development of Equipd on Android is still up for consideration, but the priority has been lowered by the advent of the official JW Library App which runs on the Android platform.

At this stage I am going to wait and see the direction the brothers take this official app and what features it will support. If it doubles-up with the primary features of Equipd then I will probably not port Equipd to Android. So let's wait and see a bit longer how the JW Library app progresses.

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