How do I listen to audio in Equipd?

Screenshot_8_03_13_8_03_PM.pngThis is quite a general question. It depends on what publication you are trying to listen to, in what language, and if it supports audio. Below I will provide some tips for listening to the audio for the most common scenarios.

General Tips:

  • All audio support currently in Equipd is "streamed" directly from This means that you need to have an Internet connection to listen to the audio.
  • Generally the languages which support audio are indicated in the "Bibles" or 'Languages" menus throughout Equipd with a little icon that looks like this Screen_Shot_2013-03-08_at_7.44.58_PM.png
  • The audio being played is an MP3 file from - the exact same files you can download from the website. When you play the audio, it will play from the start of the file to the end of the file. i.e. you cannot get the streaming audio to play just selected Bible verses, or just a specific paragraph in a book - the MP3 files do not work like that. (Tip: See "Related Articles" at the end of this page for tips on how to play selected verses only)

Listening to the Bible Audio

First of all please go to the Bible Tab and in the top / left click on the "Bibles" button. This will show you a list of different NWT languages, and you will see which ones support audio - indicated by the icon Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 7.44.58 PM.png. Make sure you have selected a language that has this icon next to it.

To now play the audio will depend on which "mode" you are in...

Multiple Language Mode

This is where there are several Bibles / Languages showing side-by-side. Because this screen is only showing the specific Bible verses you have selected, you cannot play the audio from this screen. You need to go into the Chapter view, where you can then play the audio from verse 1 of the chapter.

Screenshot_8_03_13_8_07_PM.png    Screenshot_8_03_13_8_08_PM.png

Single Language Mode

What if you are only using the Bible for one language? Then the Play button for the audio is even easier to locate!


Listen to Audio for Publications - including the Song Book

There are several publications in the Library that support audio for one or more languages:

  • The Bible Teach Book
  • The God's Love Book
  • The Jeremiah Book
  • The Sing to Jehovah Book
  • The Good News Brochure
  • The Jehovah's Will Brochure

The languages that support audio for each of these publications are indicated exactly the same way as highlighted above for the Bible - using the icon Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 7.44.58 PM.png. In addition the Sing to Jehovah (Song Book) has an additional icon Screen_Shot_2013-03-08_at_8.30.56_PM.png which shows next to the songs to indicate songs that have Vocal Renditions, in addition to just the Piano accompaniment.

For each of these publications, open a language that supports audio, then open a chapter in the publication. The "Play" button will appear in the top / right.

Screenshot_8_03_13_8_27_PM.jpeg    Screenshot_8_03_13_8_28_PM.jpeg

Tip: If you want to have a bit of fun with some friends, why not play some songs in different languages - see if your friends can pick the song and the language! 

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