Why do my notes and highlighting keep disappearing from Workbooks on the Today screen?

The short answer is that they probably are not disappearing. It is just a misunderstanding of how the Today screen works.

The Today screen is loading content just for that day. Every single part of the screen, the Daily Text, the Workbooks schedule, the Watchtowers, will show for "Today" only.

So if you add notes or highlighting on this screen on March 20th - and then open it again on March 21st - it is a different date. Your notes and highlighting will still be there - but you need to go back to March 20th. The notes and highlighting do not transfer from one day to the next day.

This confusion sometimes arises because users think that the content on this Today screen is being "compiled" by Equipd. That Equipd is creating this page from the Daily Text and then adding the Workbook content underneath. This is not correct. Like most screens in Equipd this is just content loaded directly from WOL. For example here is the Today screen on WOL for March 17: http://wol.jw.org/en/wol/dt/r1/lp-e/2016/3/17

If you look along the top of the Today screen you see buttons for Months and then Days. If you click through the Days the entire page is refreshed, including the mid-week meeting schedule from the Workbook.

I hope that explanation makes sense. I tried my best :-)

If you want to make centralised notes that are ready for the meeting that week, then you can either:

  1. Use the Days buttons along the top to change the day to the day of your meeting and make the notes there. Then they are in place for your meeting date.
  2. Go directly to the workbook in Library > Workbooks (instead of using the today page)
  3. On the Today screen, below the Daily Text, and at the start of the Mid-week schedule, is a link that will take you directly to the Workbook page for that week. Have a look and see if you can detect what I am talking about. The blue link looks something like this: "mwb16 March p. 4 - Life and Ministry Meeting Workbook (2016)"


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