Issues with Song Lyrics or Alternate Presentation

Some users are reporting that songs are missing the last verse of lyrics.

Or perhaps the "Alternate Presentation" option either does not appear or stops working.

The basic reason for all of these issues is that the songs have been changed quite frequently on

For example across different WOL updates the songs have often had the "Alternate Presentation" added, then removed, then added, then removed ... you get the picture. The "Alternate Presentation" links to a picture, and often the link address has changed or the picture has been moved.

Also, some songs were initially released with 2 verses - and then a 3rd verse was added at a later time.

So ... how to fix these issues?

We basically need to get a clean copy of the songs from WOL again.

This means we need to:

1) Delete the currently downloaded songs by clearing the publication cache.

2) Download the songs again.

You can read how to do this here.




Keywords: songs, song book, lyrics, sing praises, music, musical notes, alternate presentation

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