Equipd starts, but nothing loads and then it crashes

I decided to write this up as I have had a number of users report this same issue, and after much painful debugging finally worked out what was causing this issue.

The basic behaviour common to each case was:

  • Equipd was working fine, but one day the user opens Equipd, and it opens in a semi-locked state, switching tabs shows just blank white screens, and then it will often just crash.
  • Restarting the device makes no difference
  • Deleting and re-installing Equipd makes no difference.

The solution was to put some fresh content into the clipboard on the device. In each case I got the user to copy the content between these quotes - "2 Tim 3:17" - to their clipboard, and then open Equipd. And everything was then fine.

So please try these steps:

  1. Select the contents between these quotes … "2 Tim 3:17"
  2. Press "Copy"
  3. And now go open Equipd

Here is a small recording to help you with the process of copying the above text on your screen:

I can only assume that the clipboard help some corrupt data that was confusing Equipd when the app was opened. This is because Equipd analyses the current clipboard content to see if you are trying to open a scripture from the clipboard, and even though this code verifies and validates the data types it is looking for, it does not seem to make any difference. The other weird part of this is that restarting the device, especially a hard reset, is supposed to completely clear the clipboard. 

If that does not work, then please try this instead:

  • Go into Admin > Bible
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Clear History"
  • Restart Equipd or restart your device.


Hopefully one of these solutions works for you!

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