Equipd 3.0 not remembering changes to Bible languages and settings

I have had a few users report that Equipd 3 is not remembering the changes they make to the list of Bible's selected or other language settings. For example they change the list of Bible's, and then next time they open Equipd it has reset their changes.

This is obviously frustrating.

I have been able to isolate this issue to being caused for existing users of Equipd 2.X who were upgraded to 3.0. But I have not been able to work out what the underlying cause is. I suspect that the plist file was corrupted somehow during the update.

If you are experiencing this problem my recommendation at this time is to:

1) Delete Equipd (maybe backup first in Admin > Backup)

2) Restart your device

3) Reinstall Equipd.

You should not be charged again for Equipd. And the problem should now be gone. Equipd should remember all your changes to settings etc.

I apologise for any frustration caused by this issue.




You may want to backup your Briefcase and annotation files in Admin > Backup before deleting Equipd.

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