The publications in my language are missing!

There are different solutions to this problem depending on what is meant by "publications are missing".

If you mean that the latest publications are not being updated in Equipd in the language - but there are indeed older publications present in the language - then you should definitely refer to this article here. Make sure you understand how the update process works in Equipd, and then check the Troubleshooting subheading on that page.

If you mean instead that there are literally no publications being shown for a language, then please refer to the points below.

Typically is no publications at all are present, something must have gone wrong on your device during an upgrade of Equipd to a new version. Likely the language pack did not extract properly during the upgrade. As a result if you go into "Library > Books" you will likely see nothing listed for your language.

You have a few of options to try;

  1. Try restarting your device and then open Equipd and see if that fixes it.
  2. If not then go into Admin > General and click the “Reinstall the Language Data” button. Then restart Equipd and see if that has fixed it.
  3. As a last resort go into Admin > Languages > make sure the language updates are turned on for your language, and then scroll right to the bottom of the screen and click “Replace Existing Files”.

I hope one of these suggestions works for you, and apologise for any frustration caused by this issue.



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