The latest publications are not showing in my Equipd

If you are trying to get publications for 2019, please make sure you have read this important announcement.

First of all we need to define what "latest" actually means.

Remember that Equipd works with content on It is not an ebook reader - it does not load EPUB or PDF files. Instead it loads webpages from WOL.

Thus the definition of what publications are "latest" as far as Equipd is concerned is defined by what is on WOL.

So the first question is - is the publication on WOL? For example you might expect to have the February 2015 Watchtower and Awake in Equipd ... but are these magazines on WOL yet? Did you actually look?

Typically new content appears on WOL many weeks after the EPUB or PDF has appeared on

If the new publication is on WOL, the next question is - how long has it been on WOL? As explained in other articles on this forum, there is a process for adding new content to Equipd. So if new magazines appeared on WOL tomorrow, they may not be ready for Equipd for another 7-14 days. So it is often just a matter of being patient and having realistic expectations.

As soon as the publications are ready for Equipd then they will be available via Admin > Languages > "Check for Updates Now". Equipd will also automatically check for new updates once a day in the background.

However sometimes there is a problem in your Equipd. The newer content may in fact be available for your Equipd, but for some reason your Equipd is not updating. If this is the case, then there is an easy solution:

  1. Go to Admin > Languages
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this window
  3. Click the "Replace Existing Files" button

This will force a download of all the publication definitions for the languages you have enabled updates for.


Note: If you are having trouble seeing the Service Meeting and Watchtower schedules on the Today screen under the Daily Text, then please see here.

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