How can I make best use of the Bible Navigation Scrollers?

Please consider these suggestions to ensure you are making the best use of the current navigation scroller:

  1. Consider resizing the navigations buttons to suit your finger size. In Admin > Bible > Navigation Button Size make them bigger or smaller
  2. Try to "flick" the scroller left / right, as opposed to moving it a small section at a time. The faster you flick, the faster it will scroll.
  3. As you flick the scrollbar look out for the black line separators that flash by. You can just tap the scrollbar while it is still moving to stop it. The black separators show before the books of Psalms and Matthew, and before each section of 50 chapters/verses.

Most users find this scroller extremely fast, especially compared to other options like using the NWT EPUB file in iBooks, or other apps that step you through multiple screens of Book then Chapter then Verse. The navigation is also very tightly integrated with the copy options, the various headings and background mechanisms, the ability to select multiple verses etc.

However there is always room for improvement, especially on smaller devices like an iPhone, and I have several alternate navigation options planned for the future, after a few other priorities are out of the way.

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