FIXED: New content not downloading...

Earlier today users started reporting that content was not downloading in Equipd. The screen is stuck showing the "Loading..." message.

Upon investigation I can see there is a major issue that will affect all users of Equipd.

If you have already downloaded and cached your articles etc, then things should work fine - but any new content that you try to download from now on will not work. So ... do not clear your cache, as it will not fix anything.

What is causing this issue?

As most users are aware, all content in Equipd is loaded from WOL. But to be more specific, it was being loaded from the Mobile version of WOL, which was using the domain "". It seems that the mobile domain is no longer being used. Any attempts to visit "" will now instead redirect to "". The website is no longer using the "m." to manage the mobile version of the site - probably because the main website address now has a more responsive design and is optimised for both mobile and desktop.

Unfortunately Equipd is not handling this specific redirection very gracefully, partly because the 301 redirection skips the "http" protocol definition and just uses "//". And to fix this I am going to have to push out an app update via the App Store. 

To compound the issue, for the period of December 23-27 Apple is not accepting app updates. So I will have to wait until the middle of next week before I can submit the update to Apple, and then wait another few days for them to approve it. Not ideal, but beyond my control unfortunately.

I hope that all makes sense. And I apologise for any frustration or inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience.


PS: Please do not email me about this issue. And let others know about it if you are able to. I will update this announcement on the forums with further details as they become available. 


UPDATE 28/12 NZT: I have submitted the 3.7.0 update to Apple for review.


UPDATE 29/12 NZT: The redirection on WOL has been modified to include the http protocol definition and now content is loading again for most users. Version 3.7.0 will still make the loading more efficient and provide a better long-term solution.


UPDATE 2/1 NZT: Some users are reporting an issue with links to articles on the Today screen no longer working. This is a new issue. I have written up details about this issue in a separate announcement.


UPDATE 3/1 NZT: Apple has approved the version 3.7.0 update.

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