Equipd and iOS 10

iOS 10 is not too far away. And Apple is making the beta available for users to start testing. So it is time to manage expectations around the older Equipd app and iOS 10 support.

Of course I will be aiming to support iOS 10. It would take some major issues in the iOS update to stop me from achieving this for existing users - remembering that this app is no longer on the app store and development was officially stopped in December 2014.

But even with my intentions of supporting iOS 10, I will not be offering support for the pre-release beta versions of iOS 10.

It is typical for beta releases of iOS to have all sorts of issues - and iOS 10 is no exception. For example, in the current beta the side-by-side view of bibles is completely broken.

I will not be spending any time trying to resolve issues in iOS 10 at this stage. Previous experience has seen me spend many hours trying to resolve issues in iOS betas - only to find that the issue was with Apple, and they resolved the issue in later updates of the beta or in the "golden master" released to the public.

Once we get closer to the "golden master" version of iOS 10 which will be released to all users then I will identify any concerns and hopefully confirm support for iOS 10.

Until then my emphatic recommendation is to stick with iOS 9.

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