No Chinese content for December (Update: Now available)

I am being flooded with emails from users panicking because they do not have Chinese Pinyin content available for December.

I understand the urgency of the situation. But please keep in mind how Equipd works.

Equipd works by loading content from

At this point in time, the December Workbook in Chinese Simplified has not yet been added to WOL. Please see here:

Thus the content cannot appear in Equipd in Pinyin until it is first of all added to WOL. 

Rest assured I am already very conscious of the fact that brothers and sisters rely on using Equipd for Chinese content - that is why I developed the app after all.

Thanks for your patience.


The Chinese content was updated on WOL just a few minutes ago. I have already pushed this through as a publication update to Equipd. Please go to Admin > Languages > "Check for Updates Now". You may need to restart the app after the updates come through in order to see the new publications.


If you are having issues please refer to the following articles...

If the latest content is not showing on the Today screen, then please see here:

If the latest publications (Mags, Workbooks etc) are not being added to your Equipd from WOL, please look for the Troubleshooting subheading in the following article:


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