Warning: Breaking Changes on WOL

Important! Do not clear any content you have already cached in Equipd. What you have already cached is all that will continue to work for you at this point.
June 26, 2015:
An update has been posted to fix issues with changes on WOL. Also a new Bible app released. Read more here.

Within the last 24 hours significant changes were made to the HTML structure and CSS styling used on WOL.jw.org.

What does this mean? It means that Equipd can no longer detect the content of articles. Caching pages from WOL from this point on will no longer work.

When it was announced back in November last year that Equipd was going to be discontinued, the following Q&A was covered...

What happens if changes on WOL break functionality in Equipd in the future?

There is a reasonable risk that changes on WOL at some point will break Equipd. This has been an ever-present risk and while I have tried my best to make Equipd as robust as possible future changes on WOL could still break functionality. If that happens there is nothing I will be able to do about it I am sorry. Hopefully other tools will be available at that time to minimise any frustration and provide alternative options for users.

I am sorry to announce that this is exactly what has happened.

Please do not swamp me with email about this issue, or with suggestions for me to fix this, or how to work around the Terms of Use. My wife and I are currently in Asia and in no position to respond to a deluge of emails as I have in the past. It is best that users operate on the assumption that what you have already cached in Equipd will continue to work - but anything you try to cache from now on will be broken. That includes Bibles and publications - if it is not already cached on your device, then it will no longer work from now on.

I apologise to users for any frustration that this will cause, as I know it will. I have tried my best to keep Equipd going for existing users for as long as possible, but some things are just beyond my control.

I wish you all the best wherever you are.



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