Annotations broken on iOS 9 and 9.1 (Fixed)

At this time the highlighting / annotation feature of Equipd does not work in iOS 9 or 9.1. There is no workaround for this issue. 

I may decide to update Equipd and push out a fix for this issue once I work out what has changed and what the solution is.

For now, users who depend on Equipd and the annotation features should avoid upgrading to iOS 9.


Update 1: There are some temporary workarounds for this issue - see the suggestions from "Lyn M" below. Thanks for sharing Lyn.


Update 2: This issue will be fixed as part of the version 3.5.1 update. You can read more about this here.


Update 3: Version 3.5.1 is now available on the App Store and resolves this issue.

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