Now that Equipd has been removed from the App Store...

Now that we are in the "Post-Equipd on the App Store" era, I am getting a lot of questions that I would like to address in a central location. I hope these Q&A help reduce any confusion, and I thank you again for your patience and support. Remember to check the official announcement if your question is not covered below - it is likely your question was already answered.

Q1) I want Equipd but can't find it on the App Store - please send it to me!

Some ask for me to send them the app directly. I am sorry I cannot help with this. The App Store is the official way to distribute apps - there are no other legitimate methods of distributing an iOS app. And even if there were, the reasons I removed Equipd from the App Store would still apply. Equipd is no longer available to new users.

Q2) I previously owned Equipd and need to reinstall it - how do I do this?

Option 1: Reinstall it from the "Purchased" section of the App Store. 
You must be signed into the App Store using the same Apple ID you used to initially download Equipd. Search Google if you are not sure how to restore previous purchases from the App Store, or try the following:

  • On the iPad on iOS 10 go to App Store > Purchased 
  • On the iPhone on iOS 10 go to App Store > Updates > Purchased
  • On iOS 11 you need to go into the App Store > Updates, and click on the Account Icon top/right of the screen. You will see see the "Purchased" section under your account details.

Option 2: Backup and Restore via iTunes.
If you followed the instructions that were given as part of the  official announcement about Equipd being removed from the App Store and backed up Equipd using iTunes, then you can also restore via iTunes. I am pretty sure the video tutorial provided covers this, otherwise please search Google for other tutorials.

  • Note: This was the recommended option before iTunes 12.7 came out which removed the "Apps" section from iTunes. To still use this option you can downgrade iTunes to  version 12.6.3.

Q3) I forgot to backup Equipd using iTunes and have lost Equipd - help!

This is a tough situation to be in. If you did not follow the recommendation to backup Equipd to another computer using iTunes then you are left with options 2 and 3 listed in the above question (Q2). If those do not work for you, then I cannot help you I am sorry.

Q4) How can I get the latest upgrade as I did not get to do this before it was removed from the app store?

If you go into App Store > Updates, and it does not show you the latest version (currently 3.7.1) then it is likely too late sorry. I have released a number of snapshot updates since 2014 to fix issues for existing users only. In order for these updates to be pushed out to existing users I had to put the app back on the App Store, which I did for several weeks. If you did not update the app within those several weeks, which was a decent period of time, then you have missed out on the updates I am sorry. I did my best to help out without compromising my overall decision to remove Equipd from the App Store.

Q5) Something has gone wrong with my Equipd - can I reinstall it on my device?

Please see the options outlined under the Question 2 (Q2) above, as the same options apply.

Q6) Why are the publications not updating in Equipd now that it has been removed from the App Store?

They should be. As promised in the  official announcement, I will continue to push updates of the latest publications to existing Equipd users for the foreseeable future. I cannot state for exactly how long, but ideally long enough to help users until they have another tool they can use to meet their requirements.

So - if your Equipd is not updating with the latest publications, either your language has not received any updates on WOL yet or something is not quite right on your copy of Equipd. There is no need to email me - this is all  covered in detail here.

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