The Future of Equipd

A number of days ago the Terms of Use were modified for the WOL and websites.

Since then I have been flooded with emails from users. Some want to verify that I know about the changed Terms of Use and what it means. Many are from worried users in the foreign language field who rely on Equipd on a daily basis, and have no replacement toolset at this time. Others have offered legal advice and personal interpretations on the Terms of Use.

I appreciate that everybody wants clarity on this subject. However at this stage all I can offer is the following:

  • Yes I am very aware of the updates to the Terms of Use.
  • There is a reason that I have not offered any clarity on the future of Equipd yet.
  • I have reached out to the official channels to get absolute clarity on this topic.
  • I have every intention of doing Jehovah's will in this matter and following theocratic procedure - that has always been the case and nothing has changed.

I am sorry I have not been able to clearly communicate on this topic sooner. Can I encourage users to please be patient. I don't want to send mixed messages, make announcements that I have to retract, or confuse users. As mentioned, I am waiting for absolute clarity around the future of Equipd from the official channels. Once I have that clarity, then yes I will let you know.

Thanks for your continued patience and support.




UPDATE OCT 22: The status quo still holds. I can confirm official direction is still pending.

UPDATE NOV 28: I will be removing Equipd from the App Store. Please read more about this decision here.

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