Equipd and iOS 8

This morning iOS 8 was officially released.

How does Equipd perform on iOS 8?

As far as I can tell it works fine on both the iPhone and iPad, with one exception. The "restore" functionality does not work. If you try to restore a zipped backup from an earlier email, Equipd will open and then crash. The backup will not be restored. There also seems to be issues with restoring a Briefcase backup.

I will look further into a solution to these issues.

While you are here...

If you have noticed any issues with the links under the Daily Text no longer working, this issue is not related to iOS 8 but rather to recent changes to the status codes used on WOL for redirection links. I have included a fix for this issue in the 3.2.0 update which has already been submitted to Apple for review.

If you are wondering about the future of Equipd after the recent changes to the Terms of Use on WOL, please see this earlier announcement.



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