Japanese Watchtowers missing images on WOL

I just wanted to let users know that since the last update made to the Watchtower Online Library (last Friday my time) the images in the Watchtower magazines in Japanese no longer seem to be loading.

For example here is the latest August 15 Watchtower on WOL:

And even going back to previous months that used to have images showing, they no longer are loading on WOL. 

For example here is the April 1 Watchtower on WOL:

Since the images are not on WOL, when these magazines are cached to Equipd the images do not load there either.

I will keep an eye on things and update this page if the images reappear. If you have already cached these magazines without the images, then you will need to clear your cache and re-download the magazines when / if they are updated.


It seems that the image links are again working for the Japanese publications. However if you have already cached these publications, you may need to remove them from the cache and download them again in order to get the images. Please follow the instructions here in order to delete a publication from the cache.

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