All Scripture Inspired Book (si) no longer on WOL

Users will experience problems trying to cache the English All Scripture Inspired (si) book in Equipd - because it no longer exists on the Watchtower Online Library. It has been removed.

Because Equipd caches directly from WOL there is no alternate way to provide this book in Equipd sorry. Not unless the book is put it back at some point in the future.

Equipd has been designed to stay in sync with WOL, so in Equipd 3.0 for example you will no longer see the SI book, even if you did have it previously cached. Not unless the publication is returned to WOL. Trying to work around this will cause confusion and ultimately issues in other parts of Equipd.

Update May 2nd 2014: 

I can clarify that the All Scripture book has been removed from WOL in most languages at this point. The theory is that the All Scripture book was pre-2000. WOL is for publications from 2000 onwards, unless the publication is required as part of the study material used on the TMS. As the All Scripture book is no longer used as part of the TMS it has been removed from WOL.

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