Can I use Equipd without an Internet connection?

Equipd has been likened to a beautifully crafted bookshelf - when installed it is empty, but you can quickly populate it to use offline. Of course it offers more powerful and unique features than a simple bookshelf! But it is a good illustration of the concept of how Equipd works.

Every care has been taken to try and avoid any copyright issues. As a result, when you install Equipd it does not contain any content - the Bible and library publications are requested from as required - or from the Equipd servers in the case of the 26 alternate Bible translations.

So for example when you look up a scripture, the selected chapter is downloaded and displayed. This chapter is then stored in the Equipd cache - so for that chapter you no longer need an Internet connection.

However you can "Pre-cache" the entire Bible and all Library Publications to use totally offline.

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