English Bible showing the Rbi8 instead of 2013 Revision

Some users report that they look up scriptures and the NWT English (2013) is showing the Rbi8 rendition.

This is a legacy problem that was fixed in September 2013 as part of version 2.7.0. Your Bible still has cached the Rbi8 chapters in the 2013 Revision "slot".

In order to fix this please go into the Bible window, swipe from the left edge of the screen to see your list of Bibles - as shown here:

And then on the English (2013) please swipe on the row from the right to the left to show the red “Remove” button. You must click this red button. This button will remove the Bible from the list and clear your cache.

Then you can click the “+” button at the top to add the Bible back again and recache by clicking the download button that will appear.

If that is too hard, and you don’t mind a reinstall, you could delete Equipd and reinstall it from scratch.

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